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commanda of business development
Business is the basis of the city's life. I am sure that enterprises, new projects and ideas move the world forward.

Business is not only about a cool idea that has been brought to life. These are clearly structured processes, financial structure, taxes, marketing, strategy that work together as a well-coordinated mechanism. As sad as it may be, most companies close in the first year of life, because they cannot learn to make money consistently and predictably. There are many reasons for this: insufficient expertise, lack of time, lack of knowledge and skills, and so on.

Business development in the country is the main task of our commanda company. There are dozens of projects and businesses in the works that are ready for transformation and reaching a new level. Сommanda and I are pretty sure that we have a lot of cool achievements ahead of us.

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The world is ruled by teams.
The world is ruled by teams. And I'm glad to be part of different teams in different areas. I found great people in Basanta Music. This is not just a label where I belong as an artist, but a whole community of people obsessed with art and electronic music. Our mission is to give inspiration and rock the whole world.

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Yoga as a way of life
One of my main habits in recent years is yoga. It is the perfect combination of physical and spiritual development. The opportunity to be with yourself.

This hobby of mine took its physical form as Granat Yoga studio. A project that will definitely change the world and will change the perception of yoga among Kharkiv residents. We are located in the very center of the city, on Rymarskaya, near the Philharmonic. A very cozy place that inspires and energizes.

Now in Granat Yoga there are more than 10 types of yoga. Hatha yoga, fly yoga, facial yoga, massage, acting, pilates, body ballet and others. But our main feature is the hot yoga hall. The peculiarity of hot yoga is that classes are held in a room heated to 40'C. Due to this temperature, the body becomes more flexible and all toxins come out.

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Conscious eating
I have been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now. I do not eat fish or meat. Do you understand how hard it was for me to eat in restaurants 5 years ago? Fortunately, I found cool guys who grew up in the Soul Kitchen project. And for several years now I've been eating Soul food every day.

Soul Kitchen is a conscious meal for everyone. Now Soul is located at 7sklad in Kharkiv, delivers and works on the creation of its new products.

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No filters rest
Korobky is a place of inspiration, happiness and calmness. You can be yourself, be real here.

I truly love this place. I rest, regain my strength and recuperate here. Therefore, working on this project with a team, we are creating a location where everyone can find something for themselves, whether it is a quiet holiday on the banks of the river, or skiing in snowy winter.

It is a project with soul. I believe that soon tourists from all over the world will come to Korobky to experience no filters rest.
Show the world through a big windows
OSA is a project that is transforming the small aviation market and making flying more accessible.

It is a startup that helps pilots and passengers find each other, travel and open new frontiers.

OSA lives to change the world and help different people see it differently.
Easy, fast and affordable👌🏻