City Development


In the modern world, a new cashless trend is observed. We are increasingly using bank cards or paypass with you, cash is fading into the background, because it is not so convenient. Therefore, we want to introduce non-cash payments wherever possible. In the future, you don’t want to bother with withdrawing money, but you want to take your phone, watch or even a ring with you, and be sure that you can pay for everything you need.

If you collect the top requests from Kharkiv residents regarding the city, then biggest one is always contactless payment in the metro. And this is not surprising. Fast, convenient, no need to worry about the lack of small cash.

Few people know, but the city team has been working on contactless payments in the metro for more than one year. And that’s why I don’t like comparing the Kharkiv metro with the Kyiv metro. These are different cities, different systems and different rules. But we did it anyway. About 20 stations have already been equipped with contactless payment terminals. Recently, you can also pay for parking through the terminal using a card or smartphone.

We have also implemented acquiring in the city’s administrative services centers and the House of Real Estate without fail, as we understood that finding cash to pay for a service is not an easy task. Anyone can pay the administration fee in seconds.