City Development

Digital Opportunity Centers

Digital literacy
In order for online services and services to have their significance and carry value for Kharkiv residents, you first need to provide all residents with a basic level of digital skills. This is an axiom.

Therefore, at the beginning of summer 2020, we opened the first Center for Access to Digital Opportunities in Ukraine at the Center for Access to Digital Opportunities on the Gymnasic Embankment and signed a memorandum of cooperation with PowerCode Academy. Everything you need is there: a computer, headphones, various instructions, educational series, and so on. As well as consultants who can advise, help and answer all questions.

Over time, such access centers appeared on the basis of 21 libraries of the city and in the Regional administrative services center at Traktorostroiteli, 144.

Every resident must be able to freely access digital education, regardless of his age, social status and level of knowledge.