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House of Real Estate

Real Estate
We all deal with real estate issues at least once in our lives. Whether it is registration of a place of residence, registration certificate, rent, sale or purchase of an apartment. And there are still a lot of such points. And each of them — additional queues, inquiries, running back and forth. In general, the service, which in fact may take 20 minutes, stretches over several days or even weeks.

Therefore, the city created the House of Real Estate, which combined all needed estate services.

— Complex of all real estate registration services
— Complex design of construction and redevelopment
— Complex registration of the land plot
— Support in courts in real estate cases, preparation of statements of claim, petitions, reviews.
— Online help about the absence of debt for housing and municipal services
— Registration of place of residence in one call
— Free consultations on all services provided in the House of Real Estate.

And many other services required in the real estate industry.

The House of Real Estate is the first such project and so far, the only one in the country. It is the core, the symbol of the transformation of the real estate industry, where all services are concentrated. They are provided in a transparent and understandable manner.

The main feature of the House of Real Estate is taking into account every wish of a Kharkiv resident, every client. If 1000 people come to us a day, it is important that everyone come out satisfied. Clients are accompanied from A to Z, guaranteeing a positive result.