City Development

Register of the territorial community of Kharkiv

Kharkiv is the first city where digital transformation vertical began to develop. And over the past year, the focus of my work is clearly on digital. This is my priority. Since 2015, Kharkiv has been an innovator in the registration of business, real estate, and place of residence. In a way, digital transformation started here.

We then created the first register of a territorial community in Ukraine, which is now used by the Ministries for testing state registers. This is a database that stores information about all residents registered in the territory of Kharkiv. Now imagine this whole database as a paper, such a huge file cabinet. How long will it take to work with such a registry? We decided to digitize and build a new system. It was a challenge, but still the register is one of the main projects for the cities of Ukraine and the state as a whole.

Thanks to this registry, the Electronic Services Portal appeared. More than 1.2 million online certificates have already been issued through it, which is about 2.5 million hours saved for Kharkiv residents and government agencies.