City Development

E-documents Diia

Synergy between the city and the state is a guarantee of a high-quality result. From the very beginning, we embarked on the path of cooperation with the specialized Ministry of Digital Transformation and the most important project for the country — the state in the smartphone "Diia".

Ukraine became the first state to introduce fully digital documents integrated into a smartphone application. Now in Diia, a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, an international passport, a student card, a driver’s license, an identification code and even a child’s birth certificate are already available.

We, in turn, on the part of Kharkiv, engaged in the introduction of electronic documents in various spheres of the city’s life. Now they are free to be accepted in all administrative services center of the city, the House of Real Estate, Transparent offices, Megabank, Kharkovvodokanal, Complex for the removal of household waste, city libraries, in many restaurants and shops in the city.

Also in 2020, Diia launched an innovative service for the country — registration or making adjustments to еntepreneur online. You can open, change or close enterprise on the portal in a matter of minutes. It is the Kharkiv administrators who began and continue to process applications from 7 regions and have already registered thousands of new entrepreneurs.

And in testing the registration of a child’s place of residence through Diia, Kharkiv also became the first. I personally tested the service, being the first in Ukraine to register the place of residence of my son and daughter through the portal. Fast, without hassle and headache.