City Development

Unified video surveillance system

Modern cities must be safe. Especially if it is Kharkov, a millionaire city. After all, one of the main requirements of the inhabitants is to feel protected and secure their families. And if it is the requirement of residents, the city follows it. Therefore, the main task of the Kharkiv City Council is to ensure the safety of their population by all available paths.

Today there are thousands of cameras of video surveillance in the city, and this is not taking into account private. But despite this, law enforcement officers can not easily access their records. To reveal the crime, they are forced to undergo a long route: search for cameras, find out who they belong to, then in writing or personal request, access data. This process takes a lot of time, and only prevents the rapid disclosure of the case. I saw this problem, and it will change soon.

The mayor of the city initiated the creation of a unified video surveillance system. By collecting all the entries together and providing these data into emergency services, law enforcement agencies and emergency services will be able to quickly respond and disclose crimes. As global practice shows us, it significantly reduces the crime rate in the city. Of course, not 100%, but the number of offenses is significantly less.
On the streets of the city there are already about 200 cameras that fix the number of cars. What does it still give? The ability to control the traffic lights or speed up the speed of the emergency arrival. Agree, it is invaluable when every second is important.

To connect these workers in an integral whole, we plan to create a situational center — a place where the data of the entire video stream will be processed. The main task of the center is to combine under its roof absolutely all response services for emergencies and synchronize their work. So we can solve problems quickly and complexly.