City Development

Electronic services

Superfluous documentation, a pile of paper and pointless waste paper — this is what we have been struggling with for a long time. And the most important project we worked with was the introduction of electronic document management.

After all, they faced a difficult process of communication with the leaders of utilities, their lack of a material and technical base and, in general, digital skills among workers. And without them, electronic document management was meaningless.

The implementation of an electronic document management system for internal and external applications allows you to create, edit, sign and exchange business documents in minutes from anywhere at any time. Only access to the Internet and a qualified electronic signature are important.

As a result, 6 municipal enterprises of the Kharkiv City Council joined the project: Kharkiv Heating Networks, Kharkovvodokanal, KVBO, Sovremenny Gorod, City Information Center and Zhilkomservis. About 3260 additional agreements were concluded with contractors of utilities and about 2235 contractors of utilities were registered in the electronic document management system. According to the results of colleagues, another 10 municipal enterprises ​​initiated connection to such a system.

Thus, residents do not waste time running around the authorities to receive and transmit information, but use it wisely for more important things in life.