City Development


Gennady Kernes declared 2020 the year of medicine in Kharkiv. In March 2020, we launched the Helsi. me medical system.

By the launch of MIS Helsi, a large-scale connection of all medical institutions was carried out, we trained more than 1200 medical workers, built a regional management system, transferred over 1 million declarations, set up 2343 work schedules for doctors to register patients. We have also built a support system for health workers. A Helsi consultant is assigned to each medical facility, who provides technical support, both remotely and during the visit to the medical facility. There is also a contact center (17 employees), technical assistance. There are groups in the Viber, each consultant is additionally included in the groups of medical institutions that are assigned to him.

Thanks to the new system, you can make an appointment with a doctor online, find the necessary hospital, select a specialist by specialization or other characteristics.

We also noticed that during the quarantine, the issue of online communication became relevant. Therefore, we have introduced the possibility of video appointments for consultation with a doctor. That is, instead of going for a consultation or clarification of questions, you can simply contact a specialist on Helsi via video.

The same applies to electronic prescriptions. We strive to forget about paper lists in an incomprehensible handwriting and come to the point that a person can receive all recommendations and recipes in their personal account.

Another element of the transformation of medicine is sign language pads. They have already been installed in all medical institutions, House of Real Estate, BTI and other city structures. Our goal is for everyone who has hearing and speech problems to receive the service comfortably. It works as simply as possible. A person communicates via a special padwith translator, who sets up communication between the employee and the resident in real time.

Health is a key value, and our mission is to provide easy access to it.