City Development

Digital Infrastructure

Digitalization and comfortable city is impossible without the transformation of infrastructure. We have taken this vector from the pains and needs of citizens.


For example, would you like to know exactly when your transport will arrive? Is it worth waiting for? Do you want to change your route? For this purpose, the city's team and we have launched the "Zupinka" project. There are QR-codes at the stops. And every Kharkiv citizen can scan them and see not only the place where his transport is, but also know when it arrives. Generally GPS-trackers are installed in the electric transport for a long time. But they were used only for working purposes. Now they are also used for the comfort of Kharkov citizens. The service is developed by a team of volunteers and everyone can test it right now We took the path of open data, so that Kharkiv citizens can get information about the location of the transport through 2gis, google maps, easyway and etc.

Wi-Fi map

We also paid attention to the fact that there is uneven coverage of recreation areas and public areas of the city residents with the coverage of municipal wireless access points. And the residents don't even know about the ones that are there. We studied the experience of major vendors, conducted an audit of the available access points, their coverage and usage statistics. Analysis of Big Data from mobile operators on the use of mobile Internet in public areas of Kharkiv. And we came up with the result. Constructed heat maps of wireless data usage by residents and guests of the city. Constructed the map of the available and perspective coverage of the public spaces with the wireless access. The city is a service and wi-fi is the must have of the 21st century.