City Development

Reengineering of the Registration Department

My path in the city council began with registration. It became the first case for the transformation of the system for me.

We have moved from the most ineffective, non-customer-oriented sphere to a transparent and service environment.

And this would not have happened without the reengineering of the Registration Department, which I was in charge of. We understood that it was necessary to optimize the internal processes of activity. We were working on fixing the structure, conducting weekly sprints with common tasks, applying a business approach in the public sector. And as a result — optimization of the staff, increase in the speed of development and the quality of work.

And most importantly, we changed the mindset in the team. Service was once considered a privilege to be fought for, but we decided that we must do our best for the resident. Now I can safely call Kharkiv number 1 in the field of registration in Ukraine. House of Real Estate, Portal of electronic services, registration of a child’s place of residence in a matter of minutes and much more. This is a team that is known throughout the country. And we are ready to share our experience.