City Development

My Kharkiv

The city is a service. And I will not tire of repeating this. And the city’s task is to constantly improve its services, to provide service at a level higher than business, to follow and anticipate trends.

But in 2019, we faced a problem that there were too many services and sites in the city. People do not know about all of them, because everyone requires a separate advertising strategy, promotion, and these are large budgets and resources. In general, these services are not often needed. For example, a resident needs to enroll in the CNAP a maximum of two times a year. All resources have different accounts, dozens of passwords that are forgotten due to irregular use. Also an important issue is data security and trust in the site. It is necessary to take into account many criteria from the point of view of security, and this is a large financial cost, not all sites have this. And also problems are the platforms themselves — somewhere this is an application, somewhere a site, there is no unity and convenience for all users.

We started working with this and came to a solution. This is how "My Kharkiv" appeared — it is a city application, a personal account of each resident, that integrates all municipal services. From now on, residents can transmit meter readings, pay for utilities, call a foreman, contact all utilities using their smartphones. Having an account "My Kharkiv" everyone can access other integrated resources through this account, this is a single database. And this app is used monthly.

Before the full launch, beta testing of the application was carried out, for which more than 2.5 thousand people signed up. Testing took place on the iOS platform, and after the release, the application became available on both Android and the web version. That is, a Kharkiv resident has an application on his smartphone that he can turn to if he needs to contact the city.

At the online presentation on September 3, 2020, we presented the functionality of the application:
— authorization using an electronic identification system;
— electronic certificates in the field of registration of residence;
— the opportunity to take part in voting for projects that are presented in the Public Budget 2021;
— an electronic queue to the CNAP and the Transparent Office;
— "Electronic utilities" - a service that includes two options at once: payment for utilities and transmission of meter readings.

We integrated "My Kharkiv" with services, resources, identification systems ID.GOV, BankID from the NBU, made separate authorization buttons Privat24 and Monobank for easy registration.

For six months of work, we have more than 370 thousand visits to the web version, more than 35 thousand downloads of the application, about 35 thousand transmissions of meter readings and hundreds of utility bills.

The functionality will still be developed and replenished in order to cover all the needs of Kharkiv residents as much as possible. Further more!