City Development

Marketing office

In 2020, we rethought the topic of city marketing. We saw that city structures greatly underestimate marketing, although business came to this a long time ago. Marketing is not just about packaging and adverts. This is about attracting customers, positioning, correct design. Even in urban projects.

Marketing is a global approach that starts with the product. It is important that people know about the city projects and can use them. Otherwise, the resources invested in projects will be used for 0%.

In addition, the task of marketing is to understand the relevance of a particular issue for residents and, based on this, create a service that will satisfy them. After all, why waste time and resources on the implementation of projects that do not cover any pain of the audience?

Marketing allows you to collect feedback. Thanks to this, the city team can keep it under the radar and understand what needs to be improved.

In every project firstly we develop a plan for its promotion. We take into account communication channels, engagement, content and feedback. For ourselves, we made a decision that the project cannot be launched if the marketing strategy is not clear.

The marketing office, which we created on the basis of the Transformation Office, was in charge of this direction. So Digital Kharkiv was completely full in terms of both projects and communications.

I believe that the city should function as a business or even better. Positioning of the city should be built through Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and other platforms. It should be cities to proud of.