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Automated education management system

Digital literacy
The world is developing by leaps and bounds. New technologies are being created, old technologies are being developed, and they are reaching a new level. Therefore, at Digital Kharkiv, we took another important vector in our work — the digital transformation of education.

The need to create a strategic and systematic approach to the implementation of digital solutions in education is obvious, because you have probably noticed that schools cannot always boast of some kind of modern technology.

AEMS is a centralized information system in the field of education, which integrates all registers, data, services and automates the processes of preschool, school, out-of-school education. What for? For synchronization with the city, automation and data exchange between the subjects of the educational process, the transition to a model of person-centered services in the field of education.

The ultimate goal of the project is smartphone education. We decided not to postpone, and together with Kharkiv IT Cluster united IT companies to write the Smart School strategy. We conducted a survey on the needs, studied the experience of other countries, the effectiveness of the introduction of various technologies. And they began to introduce new digital tools in test mode. Secondary school number 59 fell under the digital sight.

In terms of numbers, they attracted about 1 million hryvnia. In practice, this is a smart board, an electron microscope, chemistry science kits, an interactive projector, wi-fi throughout the school, an electronic document management system, 17 laptops and a series of training courses on ecology, physical education and other disciplines.

And this is a great example of how our Together for Better philosophy works.